P for Potential


  1. Strategic goal of the department
    "Where there is a risk management function, there must also be opportunity management - the strategic objective of this division is to ensure this function."
    In concrete terms, this means identifying new business potential and, if necessary, incubating it as well as further developing existing selected business areas with significant future potential.
    Thematically, "Opportunity Management" currently encompasses three areas: identification of trends and possible arising strategic opportunities; supporting our strategic partnership in the banking sector (especially bancassurance); and the Group Sustainability Office (sustainability).
  2. Core tasks:
    • Observing, identifying and evaluating trends, developments and drivers in the immediate and extended environment
    • Support and further development of the strategic programme VIG 25
    • Primary responsibility and development of bancassurance relations
    • Active leadership and coordination of all aspects of sustainability

Key Qualifications

  • Degree in economics and corresponding economic knowledge
  • Ability to work independently with high self-motivation
  • Strength and interest in the analytical field
  • Strong orientation towards the creation of end products
  • Team player with excellent communication skills
  • Excellent English and German skills, both written and spoken
Tabea Strohmaier, Opportunity Management Employee
Having come from a different professional background and having spent a long time working abroad, what I value most about our department, "Opportunity Management", is the diverse range of topics and the international work atmosphere. Work projects range from traditional insurance business to sustainability and social projects throughout CEE. Our team is dynamic and always ready for a new challenge!“
Tabea Strohmaier Opportunity Management Employee
Harald Londer, Head of Bankassurance and International Partnerships
For me, opportunity management is much more than recognising and utilizing opportunities. It is visionary foresight, the recognition of megatrends, connected thinking across lines of business, countries and target groups without technical restrictions - but quite the opposite, using all technical possibilities and innovations. Our interdisciplinary, diverse team and the close cooperation with other teams in our company form an excellent basis!
Harald Londer Deputy Head of Opportunity Management
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