We all face many challenges every day and have to combine many aspects of our lives. That's why we want to create a working environment for our employees in which professional and personal priorities have enough space.

That's what we call life balance. Our holistic package of measures includes elements for sustainability, family life, sport and mobility. Regional and individual needs of employees are also taken into account. Entirely in keeping with diversity.

Find out more about flexible working hours, family and health promotion, further training opportunities, measures to support diversity and many other benefits here.

More time for you

Legal regulations are all well and good, but we go one step further and offer flexible working time models that fit with our life balance approach.

    • Hybrid work
    • Flexitime model
    • 37.5 hours per week
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Employee:in with purple hair on Vienna's Ringstrasse
I like working from home because it gives me a lot of flexibility and promotes life balance tremendously. At the same time, I enjoy the time in the office with my colleagues. It's all about the mix.
Sylvia Hollerer Investor Relations Employee

A point of strength

Exercise not only makes you fit, but also strengthens mental health and is therefore simply part of a healthy life balance. That's why we offer an all-round feel-good package: "Keep Moving", for example, is an internal package of measures to promote health, mobility and sustainability.

    • Extensive range of sports and fitness courses from an external training provider throughout Austria (live or virtual)
    • Running events such as the Business Run and Vienna City Marathon
    • Sustainably produced VIG sports shirts
    • Anonymous and free advice from an external employee assistance programme for employees and relatives, including a well-being platform with videos, articles and podcasts, etc.
    • Our own outpatient service with medical advice, physiotherapy and massage services
    • "VIG bike" campaign with massive discounts off the use of bicycles and e-bikes
Antoniu does a pull-up on the clothes rail
I just need sport to balance out my daily work. That's why I think it's great that VIG supports us here. Personally, I use different fitness courses and I'm always there for every company run – always in a VIG sports shirt, of course!
Antoniu Geormaneanu Employee IT
It would be short-sighted to think that maintaining the ability to work is something purely private and individual.
Eva Schweng EAP Consultant
Angela Fleischlig-Tangl, Diversity & Employer Branding
The quality of cooperation between employees and the company becomes evident in times of stress. We have therefore introduced an employee assistance programme with coaching and counselling. This is how we promote the life balance of our employees.
Angela Fleischlig-Tangl Human Resources employee
VIG employee stands at a table in the Ringturm
Of course I take care of my physical and mental well-being. That is why I appreciate the attention paid here to ergonomic workplace design and preventive health care. Even physiotherapy or massages are provided.
Roman Goldberger Employee Internal Audit
I got myself a new bike for the VIG bike campaign and saved myself a lot. I think it's really great that my employer has initiated this campaign in the interest of sustainability.
Anna Stadler Teamlead Legal

For the benefit of the young and old alike

We are all part of a family – in whatever form that may be. The needs are individual and diverse. We want to help ensure that our employees have enough time for their families and don't miss out on anything, especially with children.

  • Creche, nursery and day care at two locations near the head office
  • Childbirth allowance, child allowance and a gift for the newborn
  • Dad/family week offers additional days off for new family members
  • Services for employees on parental leave, such as parental coaching
  • Information for families on childcare or caring for relatives
  • We support paternity leave and part-time management
VIG employees sitting in the entrance area behind branded glass doors
When I became a father and had paternity leave for a few months, I received great support. I am happy that the holding company offers so much flexibility here and creates space for family life.
Jakob Radimsky Treasury employee incl. ALM
Iskra Dimitrovaя, Holding IT Employee
VIG has many offers that underline the family-friendliness of the company. I feel like my family and I have space!
Iskra Dimitrova IT employee
Papa umarmt seine beiden Kinder und blickt in die Kamera

Your family is important to us

Our family packages respond individually and flexibly to the respective situations of our employees. Discover all offers for mum, dad, kids and family.


School of life

It's true. Nobody ever stops learning. No matter what their position. We can always work on ourselves. Professionally and personally. That's why we support our employees in their further training with an individual and comprehensive offer.

  • Detailed onboarding for new arrivals with Welcome Day and induction programmes
  • Individual talent toolset (VIG competence model) for planning personal and professional development
  • Regular VIG talks for dialogue between managers and employees
  • Career for experts as an alternative to management careers
  • Coaching for managers, experts and expats
  • Training, seminars and e-learning courses for professional and personal development
  • Group-wide training with competent and international cooperation partners
  • Language courses
employees in the group
VIG Mitarbeiter:in sitzend vor buntem Hintergrund
The special offers in coaching and training for experts are always a real asset. I was able to gain a lot of new insights every time. In addition, the achievements of experts are visibly presented internally and externally.
Petra Gaier Expert in Subsidiaries and M&A
Female VIG employee in front of a white wall
I participated in a group-wide, international mobility programme. With the help of the internal job market, I was then able to move easily to the head office in Vienna. I'm very happy to be here.
Cristina Cucu Internal Audit employee
VIG employees in a training

What training and development opportunities does VIG offer?

Lots of them! Almost too many to mention in the space here. The best way to find out more is directly on the appropriate page. But we can tell you this: we have thought of every career level and all individual interests.

Coaching situation of a young employee

Coaching in all life situations

We offer different formats for different target groups to address individual topics, from leadership to parental leave. An external employee assistance programme also supports employees and relatives in professional and personal matters.


Respectful conduct

We spend a lot of time together in the office. And this should be valuable, pleasant and productive time. That's why we make a special effort to spread good spirits and to exemplify values such as respect, diversity and mindfulness. To make sure we never lose sight of this, we have prepared some programmes.

  • VIG talent toolset competency model as the basis for HR work
  • Our "Principles of Collaboration" and a "Guide to Inclusive Language" as a framework for communication
  • Diversity management for individual development
  • Diversity officer for the implementation of the diversity strategy
  • Employee resource group "all colours" for the exchange and networking of employees of the Austrian Group companies on LGBTIAQ+ issues
  • Interdepartmental and group-wide projects enable mutual exchange and learning from one another
Liane Hirner (CFO) and Gabor Lehel (COO) are standing in the aisle and talking
Appreciative communication and leadership are fundamental to our collaboration.
Gabor Lehel and Liane Hirner Members of the VIG board
Nationalities in the Holding

Diversity and inclusion

It's not important to us who our employees love, but that they feel good and comfortable with us. Our employee resource group, called "all colours", offers the LGBTIAQ+ community many opportunities to exchange ideas and organise.

More information about LGBTIAQ+ at VIG

Probably the most livable office

Our head office is located in the heart of Vienna and boasts – probably – the best view of the city. But we didn't shy away from costs and efforts on the inside either, because we all work better in a pleasant environment.

    • Good accessibility by public transport and via bicycle paths
    • Lockable bicycle storage room
    • Showers
    • Canteen with breakfast and lunch at reduced prices
    • Air-conditioned offices with sustainable district heating or cooling
    • Hybrid work equipment
    • Advice on the ergonomic design of the workplace by occupational physicians
    • Height-adjustable desks in modern offices
    • Pleasant ambience thanks to works of art and plants
Wiener Ringturm verhüllt mit Steuerelementen der virtuellen Tour

Come and visit us

We work in the heart of the world's most livable city. And it's pretty nice! The quickest way to get to us is to take a virtual tour – just follow the link and you're there.

VIG employee sitting on the edge of her desk
Bold projects such as the exterior facade art at Ringturm make me proud and curious every year. I also like to take the stairs at Ringturm just to enjoy all the artworks on the walls.
Regina Hagmann Subsidiaries and M&A employee
View of the exhibition „No Place by Choice“ with works of Rudolf Polanszky and Lois Weinberger

Art collections at VIG

The insurance group collects artworks that cover a wide spectrum, from 19th century to contemporary art.


You deserve it!

Of course, we want our employees to stay with us! We therefore offer attractive remuneration, numerous discounts and many cooperation arrangements with interesting partners.

    • Attractive, competitive salary
    • Discounted insurance products
    • Discounted products at Erste Bank as well as free debit and credit cards
    • Numerous partnerships in retail, tourism, gastronomy and elsewhere
Female VIG employee standing in front of a white wall
It may not sound like a big deal at first, but the discount promotions and special conditions offered by different cooperation partners that we benefit from really pay off!
Christina Paul Human Resources employee


A workplace is always a place of encounters, which is why we are very happy to support an appreciative and enriching environment for our employees to meet.

    • (Virtual) events for employees offer regular updates from Human Resources or the company
    • VIG Get-Together as a virtual year-end event
    • Social Active Day – one day off per year for charitable work
    • Access to events and exhibitions, such as architecture at Ringturm
VIG employee standing at one of the entrance areas in the building
I have participated in the Social Active Day several times and it has always been highly enriching! I think it's great that VIG makes this possible for its employees.
Nur Yesilay Incesu Digitalisation, Finance and Risk employee
Social Active Day 2014 of the Irao

Social Active Day

Our employees spend a day dedicating themselves to social projects, such as helping in the "social market", cooking for people in need or supporting the soup kitchen.

Architecture Exhibition in the Ringturm

“Architektur im Ringturm“

Our free exhibition on the architectural diversity of Central and Eastern Europe has long since established itself as a fixed point of the Austrian architecture scene.