A workplace with a great outlook

On 14 June 1955, our head office was opened at Ringturm in Vienna. Considered special at the time, it is now called "moderately modern architecture". The Austria Wochenschau commented on the building as follows: "That's not America, that's Austria...". Ringturm is now a landmark and is regarded as a symbol of the regained freedom and economic re-emergence of Austria after the war and years of occupation. At the same time, it is our workplace and a place of international cultural encounters.

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My workplace at Ringturm not only offers a great view of the whole of Vienna, it is also very central and is easily accessible by bicycle.
Anna Stadler General Secretariat and Legal Team Lead

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A feast for the eyes

At Christmas time, a 60-metre-high Christmas tree adorns our tower, made of energy-efficient LEDs and with a special "snowflake effect" that seems to flutter down from the top of the tree. Recently, the hours of illumination per day have been reduced to save electricity.