Award in Recognition of Commitment to voluntary activities



We are proud of you

There are many very good reasons to volunteer for people, animals and the environment. Our Award in Recognition is one of them, albeit a small one of course. But we want to show that we appreciate all our staff who do voluntary work in their spare time. And there are quite a few of them! As demonstrated by our "Award in Recognition of Commitment to Voluntary Activities", which was launched in 2013. Every year, all VIG employees are asked to nominate colleagues who they know do great unpaid work in their spare time and who are committed to important issues. Finally, the winners will be chosen from among all the nominations.

In 2022, there were colleagues from insurance companies in the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Poland and Hungary. They volunteer for their fellow human beings in a wide variety of ways: from actively helping blind people to practice different sports, organizing sporting events to collect donations for the needy, distributing food to fellow citizens in need, supporting Syrian and Ukrainian people refugees, sewing clothes for premature babies and star children, years of voluntary work in rescue operations, with the Red Cross or the voluntary fire brigade, and taking in a child from the poorest of backgrounds into one's own family.

Gabriela Nella Požárová with visually impaired ski athletes
"It is in my nature to help others. Many years ago, I met someone who introduced me to the Association of Blind Athletes. I started by lending them my car. Later, I added more functions such as being a guide during sports events and trips. Basically, I spend all my free time with visually impaired athletes. Why? They are my second family and I am glad when they are happy."
Gabriela Nella Požárová Winner 2022, VIG RE, Czech republic