At VIG, reports on perceptions of misconduct can be submitted to VIG Compliance (incl. AML) via various channels, in each case in compliance with the applicable legal provisions. Depending on the area of law to which the perception relates, either the VIG Whistleblower Portal or other communication channels are available.

Reports in the VIG Whistleblower Portal

In implementation of the Whistleblower Protection Act (Hinweisgeber:innenschutzgesetz, HSchG), VIG has set up the VIG Whistleblower Portal for reporting perceived violations in the legal areas explicitly mentioned therein (e.g. insurance supervisory law, prevention of market abuse, EU competition law, protection of privacy and personal data, corruption as well as money laundering and terrorist financing). The VIG Whistleblower Portal is available to persons in current or former professional connection with VIG and guarantees them the protection of confidentiality and personal data (including their identity). The VIG Whistleblower Portal allows whistleblowers to submit written reports also anonymously, i.e. without registering and without being able to trace their identity, to VIG' Compliance (incl. AML) and to communicate with it. The report is processed by a committee of experts consisting of employees from VIG Compliance (incl. AML), VIG General Secretariat & Legal, VIG Internal Audit and VIG Human Resources.

The VIG Whistleblower Portal is available at any time here.

Reporting via other channels

For reasons of labour law, it is not possible to report perceived violations in legal areas other than those covered by the HSchG via the VIG Whistleblower Portal. However, VIG Compliance (incl. AML) is happy to receive information about such misconduct or violations of internal regulations and assures the protection of confidentiality and personal data in accordance with the applicable laws and labour law protection regulations. To make such a report, please contact us by e-mail or post at the contact options provided (see information in the box).