Global Peace Photo Award



Peace wins

As soon as you turn on the news, you are confronted with negative headlines and photos of violence and disaster. We want to counteract this and since 2013 have been cooperating with the Global Peace Photo Award, which honours photographers who have captured the peaceful reality of our lives.

We find that people and companies need one thing above all else in order to flourish: peace. Because this is the only way we can function and be successful in the long term. In addition to economic goals and strong positioning in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe, social commitment for children and young people is particularly close to our hearts. That is why we have been the main sponsor of the Global Peace Photo Award since 2022 and support the best picture of the year as well as the best peace picture in the children and youth category.

VIG also supports the exhibition shown in Bratislava in July 2024, which presents a selection of photographs from the Global Peace Photo Award.