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Who is VIG?

If you hold as much as one share, you already own a part of Vienna Insurance Group. But who is VIG and what does it offer its shareholders?

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Video VIG 25 Strategic programme until 2025

VIG 25 − simply explained

The strategic programme is aimed to continuously optimise, enhance and expand the business model until 2025.

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Education and individual responsibility form the basis for effective risk prevention

As part of the Sunrise podcast series "View from the Top", CEO Hartwig Löger discusses why VIG is different from other international insurance groups, why promoting risk expertise, especially among young people, is important, and what he personally values about his job.

The conversation also focuses on how economic success and sustainability efforts go hand in hand, and on the steps VIG is taking toward achieving net zero in investments.

Photos from the VIG Board
In many areas, individual retirement plans are needed to supplement state pensions in order to provide adequate protection against certain risks that are not covered by the public pension system.
Hartwig Löger CEO
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Thank you for your trust

As a VIG shareholder, you know that we are a reliable partner on the capital market. Since our IPO, we have paid dividends every year and issued a number of bonds. Let us continue our journey of success together and create sustainable value.

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Nina Higatzberger-Schwarz, Head of Investor Relations on the responsibilities and opportunities in capital market communications.

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Hartwig Löger, CEO Vienna Insurance Group

CEO Hartwig Löger

Boasting 38 years' experience in the insurance industry, Hartwig Löger takes on the position of General Manager and Chairman of the Managing Board as of July 2023.

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Peter Höfinger, Deputy CEO Vienna Insurance Group

Deputy CEO Peter Höfinger

Having been a member of the VIG Managing Board since 2009, Peter Höfinger assumes the role of Deputy General Manager and Deputy Chairman of the Managing Board as of July 2023.

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Liane Hirner on "Börsepeople im Podcast"

The "Börsepeople" series is dedicated to the careers of interesting personalities in the Austrian capital market. CFRO Liane Hirner talks to Christian Drastil about her studies, her time as an auditor and, of course, her work at VIG.
And above all, it's so much fun because I've spent 25 years learning everything from scratch and now, I can put it into practice. As an auditor, you just come in after the fact and find out if something was good or not so good. Now I'm more in charge and it's great to be able to shape things.
Liane Hirner CFRO
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Börsepeople im Podcast S08/07
mp3 (23531 KB) 21/08/2023

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