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Professional Coaching

As a manager, key employee, expert or expat, you often face challenges and have to make many decisions quickly. We don't want to leave anyone feeling alone. Or you want to find out for yourself where our shared journey at VIG should go.

That's why we offer the opportunity to receive external coaching. Change processes are discussed and different perspectives are presented with role changes. With a better assessment of your own resources, you become more secure and confident in everyday life. To ensure the quality of the coaching, we only work with carefully selected coaches from the VIG coach pool.

All the best for your health

We all probably strive for a balanced professional and personal life. But how can we do this? One step in the right direction would be advice and coaching. And that's exactly what we offer our employees and their relatives.

Together with our cooperation partner, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), we offer anonymous and free support for professional challenges and private topics, such as marriage, partner or family counselling or emergencies such as a bereavement. In addition, our cooperation partner's Wellbeing platform offers lots of helpful videos, podcasts, articles and checks on physical and mental health.

No trivial matter: parental leave

Major changes can sometimes trigger uncertainties. And parental leave is certainly one of these changes. For mothers and fathers who would like to receive support before and during parental leave, we offer anonymous and free coaching through the external advice of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP for short). Of course, regardless of the function and position of the expectant mothers and fathers.

Coaching shows that leaders in positions of responsibility in particular are prone to overstepping their own boundaries in order to get rid of the packages assigned to them.
Eva Schweng EAP Consultant

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