VIG’s activities as an insurance company help complex societies to function. The Group also takes responsibility for social issues and supports local communities especially in countries where the Group companies operate.

VIG helps supplement government pension, healthcare and nursing care systems

Demographic change is affecting future provisions in key areas. Due to increased life expectancy, the ageing of society and the increase in chronic illnesses in old age, it is becoming more difficult to fund the pension, healthcare and nursing care systems in European countries. Private insurance companies can help eliminate the risk of gaps in future provisions. VIG companies are therefore further developing their range of retirement provision and health insurance products, thereby supplementing government provision systems. Private life insurance, for example, is the only financial product that guarantees a lifelong pension.

Promoting solidarity and mutual understanding in society

The Company has a very long tradition of social and cultural involvement. This involvement affects a variety of groups in society, so that the social orientation of the Company is visible and tangible for both employees and people outside the Group. This can also act as a source of inspiration for others.

Most of the projects are identified and performed by Group companies – in each case taking regional circumstances into account. VIG Holding only provides support to a few projects, most of which are crossborder projects.