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Wolfgang Haas
Wolfgang Haas 08/06/2023 3 Minuten


Tip, tap, click, order placed! My nephew Leon will be delighted with another Star Wars encyclopaedia of "Heroes, Villains and Droids". It's fascinating how fast the Jedi Knights or the cruel Sith Lords travel in their spacecraft. But an insurance company would probably not be happy with the destruction rate of the fleets.

In the films, the missiles are often destroyed faster than it takes to take out an insurance policy in today's earthly times. Yes, you read that right, because insurance policies can already be taken out quickly and easily online today - with a tip, tap and click - and the desired insurance can be selected in about a minute. Insurance may be conservative, and that's a good thing, because when it comes to investing customers' money, there should be as little risk involved as possible. But they are not yesterday's news, even if they do not plan galactically far into the future.

Each of us has his or her priorities and preferences. Some like personal contact when it comes to insurance and provision, others prefer to have everything from one contact person, and still others love the simple, digital way. And many customers want both one and the other, just as they like it. Insurance companies have also adapted to this and are where the customer wants them to be. Digital sales have become a major growth area. There is a growing target audience that is very digitally savvy and prefers to look around on the internet and also wants to take out insurance policies there in a very uncomplicated way instead of getting an advisor in the house. If you want to, you can, is also the motto of the VIG Group.

In the middle of the 2020 pandemic, VIG launched a digital insurance platform in Poland in its own start-up project together with the Polish VIG company Compensa. It is called Beesafe, and it makes it possible to take out motor insurance completely digitally. The customer only has to enter his name and the number plate of his car and receives a quote in 35 seconds. He selects his desired services and features, pays by credit card, receives his policy on his mobile phone or by e-mail and is insured from the desired date. The simple and uncomplicated conclusion of a motor insurance policy is particularly convincing for a young target group. Beesafe was voted "FinTech of the Year 2022" in Poland. One reason for the choice is the very high user-friendliness and customer experience, for which Beesafe achieved the highest Google rating for the entire market.

Other VIG companies, such as the Baltic companies Seesam and Compensa or the Austrian Donau Versicherung with "WohnenNext", also offer innovative online insurance policies that can be taken out quickly. It is important to emphasise, however, that not every insurance policy is suitable for online conclusion. If, for example, it is a matter of personal long-term provision or also the protection of companies, a personal consultation is recommended in order to be able to take special individual needs into account accordingly. 

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