S for service


  1. Strategic goal of the department

    Implementation of the VIG Assistance strategy. This includes the development of assistance in additional VIG countries and the expansion of the service portfolio for classic and novel assistance services. 

    The primary goal is to strengthen the brands of the VIG insurance companies by creating a positive customer experience and increasing customer contact through assistance.

  2. Core tasks:
    • Exploration and evaluation of the assistance situation in the VIG countries 
    • Support in the development of new assistance companies in all areas (business plan, business model, financing, etc.)
    • Ensuring the transfer of know-how among the existing companies
    • Interface for international network development
    • Idea provider and supporter of new technologies and business ideas
    • Interface for the development/expansion of VIG's own assistance software ASAP/EPAS in all areas (sales, demand management and billing) 
    • Ensuring corporate governance of the companies
    • Management of the companies through supervisory board positions
  3. Daily Business:
    • Permanent contact and support of the assistance companies 
    • Project management 
    • Preparation of resolutions (company foundations, mandate appointments/renewals, financing)
    • Support in the organisation of supervisory board meetings 
    • Organisation of assistance events
    • Ongoing monitoring of country initiatives
    • Operational management of the ASAP/EPAS company
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