C for Capital management


  1. Strategic goal of the department
    The main strategic tasks of this department include managing VIG AG's liquidity and planning and designing capital raising and capital management, including conducting its own capital market transactions and managing the portfolio of subordinated capital bonds and other debt instruments of VIG AG. As part of the asset liability management (ALM) coordination function, future cash flows on the asset and liability side are observed, measured and optimised; this is sometimes achieved by interlinking existing processes, results and further analyses to obtain an improved, structured view of future development. Core tasks:
  2. Core taks:
    • Regular reporting of liquidity at group and holding level.
    • Regular analysis of cost of capital and capital structure
    • Maintenance of the Sustainable Bond Framework, inclusive allocation and impact reporting
    • Analysis and implementation of capital and financing instruments offered on the capital market with regard to their impact on VIG's solvency and rating
    • Coordination of the rating process with the rating agency S&P
    • Management of VIG's interest-bearing debt
    • Supporting the Group companies in the further development of the existing ALM system
    • Interweaving existing processes and results to improve the Group's view from the findings of the solo ALM perspective in order to be able to evaluate the Group's vulnerability to shock scenarios
  3. Daily Business:
    • Supporting local VIG Group companies on issues related to liquidity.
    • Maintaining relationship with international investment banks
    • Preparation of reports for the Managing Board and Supervisory Board on liquidity, capital and financing issues
    • Evaluations and preparation of recommendations for action on the development of Group companies in the event of risks
    • Preparation and drafting of ad hoc analyses in the area of liquidity and/or capital management
    • Exchange of information on rating agendas with the VIG divisions involved and the rating agency

Key Qualifications

  • Degree in economics or mathematics
  • Experience in risk management, asset management or capital markets an advantage
  • Understanding of statutory regulatory requirements an advantage
  • Understanding of aggregation and consolidation effects at group level
  • Analytical thinking, accuracy and an excellent understanding of numbers
  • Ability to work in a team, solution-oriented approach and stress resistance
  • Excellent written and spoken English
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