Investment and underwriting as insurers’ leverage for sustainability

Elisabeth Stadler 20/09/2021 1 min.

An episode of the "Österreichischer Nachhaltigkeits­podcast"

In the second episode of the podcast with VIG, CEO Elisabeth Stadler talks about the responsibility and relevance of the insurance industry when it comes to sustainability.
CEO Elisabeth Stadler
For Vienna Insurance Group, long-term responsibility means that we must be able to fulfill performance promises made to customers, most of which lie very far in the future, at any time. Therefore, sustainable stability of the Group through forward-looking management and profitable growth is necessary. To achieve this, we need an intact social and ecological environment. As VIG, we aim to ensure that economic, social and environmental goals go hand in hand. Sustainability is anchored in our core business. Since we as insurers are important providers of capital to national economies and our Group's investment decisions therefore have an indirect impact on social and environmental issues, the greatest leverage for sustainability lies in investment and underwriting.
Elisabeth Stadler CEO

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