Vienna Insurance Group: Leading insurance group with succinct new logo


The Vienna Insurance Group AG Wiener Versicherung Gruppe, which is listed on the stock exchanges in Vienna and Prague, is recreating its identity and presenting itself with a new corporate logo, which conveys strength and its multinational structure. After a comprehensive restructuring, the Vienna Insurance Group can now also communicate its organization as a financially strong Group holding, by means of a modern logo.


"With our new logo we are clearly positioning the Vienna Insurance Group as a recognisable holding in our corporate family. After introducing the new corporate structure, to change our public image was the next logical step. The new corporate logo symbolises the strength and innovation capacity of an international insurance group", is how CEO Günter Geyer explains the redesign.

By means of the logo relaunch, the Vienna Insurance Group has polished its own self-contained profile, and its function as a holding company for over 50 group members in Central and Eastern Europe has moved into the foreground. The result is a strong brand, which stands for a future and results oriented corporation, additionally serving to remind us of its historic roots by means of traditional elements.

Also, the family name "Vienna Insurance Group" was further refined through standardisation of the font size. It accompanies all the group members in 24 countries and complements their individual brand appearances. Furthermore, its affiliation to the leading insurance group in Central and Eastern Europe is highlighted. 

The redesign of the Vienna Insurance Group was developed together with the renowned Viennese design agency Mark & Mark. "We approached this project with the motto 'less is more'. The basic prerequisite for the concept was the use of the short form 'VIG'. This gives the new emblem much more visual impact; the significant reduction to the size of the tulip and its positioning as the trademark underpins the message from the group holding", explains agency head, John Mark.

Commissioned by: Vienna Insurance Group AG Wiener Versicherung Gruppe
Chairman of the Board of Directors: Dr. Günter Geyer
Marketing Manager: Mag. Barbara Hagen-Grötschnig

Agency: Mark&Mark
CD: John Mark, Ursula Mark
AD: Mimi Seelos, Johannes Tauber
Graphics: Martina Mair

Caption: (fltr.) John Mark, Mag.  Barbara Hagen-Grötschnig, Dr. Günter Geyer

01 VIG Logo Eng
pdf (83 KB) 12/01/2011
01 VIG Logo Cz
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VIG Logo
zip (696 KB) 12/01/2011
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